Company Overview

Nanfang Hardware-Plastic General Factory was founded in 1992 in Yangjiang, China, and specializes in kitchen knife sets. As our factory grew, it developed into Yangjiang Nanfang Brothers Industrial & Trading Company Limited. Today, Nanfang Brothers covers an area of about 100,000 square meters, with more than 1,000 staff members. The company boasts a production capacity of about 5,000,000pcs per month.

About Us

In 1992, Nanfang Brothers Company was founded in Yangjiang, "China's knife and scissors town." The company's kitchen knives, scissors, forks, and other products are top-rated. They are gradually gaining acclaim on a global scale since the inception of the Nanfang Brothers, which quickly became China's most renowned high-quality knife manufacturers. Inheritance of Chinese ancient millennium craft combined with modern advanced forging skills, the depth to explore the authentic charm of Chinese culture, mechanical aesthetics, and Seiko achievements combined, as we construct the kitchen knife and other products to assist users in living a more elegant life. After years of cutting knife manufacturing experience, the Nanfang Brothers are committed to working harder to listen to the user's voice, continue the spirit of moving the world forward through innovation, and provide users with professional, beautiful, sharp, and high-quality kitchen knives.

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